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This journal is a combination of a guided journal, bullet journal, and devotion all in one. It allows you to track your prayer, gratitude, and testimony for the lent. It will give you more insight into the words by having you answer questions about the Scripture you read. 

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Scripture memorization is slowly becoming a thing of the past. However, this is a necessary practice for anyone who wants to live a life that is pleasing to God. Scripture memorization is an essential tool to rebuke the enemy and all unrighteousness.

This book is the second edition of a guided journal to help you memorize scriptures daily. Each week starts with a weekly log for you to record your prayers, notes, and track your process. 

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I must warn you… this Journal will change you. You will want to pack up and move out of residency—it would be for the best anyway. The Through Journal has three major parts they are yearly, monthly, and weekly. Within each part, you can personalize your devotion, your prayers, your church events, and so forth. After using this Journal, you can invest in a blank journal and make your own adjustments. If you are already familiar with bullet journaling, then you should have no problem
knowing how each part works.